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John Eagal Competition Ski LakeJohn Eagal Ski Lake
Stockton, CA
March 2006

In December 2001, John Eagal contacted Seepage Control to assist him in building a 20 acre competition ski lake on the banks of the San Joaquin River, in Tracy, CA. The native soil was extremely sandy.  Seepage Control worked with John over the next five years during the permitting process to determine the best way to seal his lake.  

In December 2006 work began to actually seal the lake. Our field department made several trips to the site to supervise the construction of the lake’s sub grade. Large areas of pure sand had to be removed and replaced with more suitable soil. This process of preparing the lake took several months. Once prepared, our field operations team was on-site to supervise every step of the sealing process. Along the way, design changes challenged our field department and allowed us to show the flexibility of our product and application techniques.

On February 7, 2007 the pump was charged and water began to fill the lake. On March 5th, 2007 the lakes were full and ready for water loss testing. A seven day loss test indicated that the lake was losing a total of 3/4” per day. This daily loss measurement was determined to be 100% evaporation. Subsequent inspections of the lake over the past several months have confirmed zero suspected loss due to seepage.


Ninovan Lake EstatesNinovan Lake Estates
Minooka, IL
July 2002, (23 acres)

This ski lake was certainly not the ideal project. There were significant challenges in bringing the lake to a usable state. The initial construction of the lake was fairly uneventful, however the water to fill the lake was to come from watershed run off. This water never materialized and after 2 years the lake had very little water and had experienced significant erosion and vegetation over-growth. At this point wells were installed and the erosion above the water line was repaired using our Treated and Compacted method. Our waterborne treatment was used to repair any submerged areas. Now the lake is full, in use, and is a central part of this beautiful neighborhood.

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The ESS-13 “Spray-On Formulation” can save 75% or more off the installation costs of other lake sealing methods.

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